About the ERTICO Network

The ERTICO Network, established by ERTICO – ITS Europe in June 2013, is an online information portal dedicated to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The ERTICO Network includes news, reports and analysis about ERTICO activities, industry highlights and the latest policy and scientific developments in the field of ITS.

The ERTICO Network provides also an ITS events diary and acomprehensive database of ITS materials, such as reports, EU co-funded projects public deliverables, proceedings of ITS European and World Congresses, and much more. The ITS library is public and accessible to everyone providing basic contact details. Members of the ERTICO Network have full access to the site, all of its content, and our news and events newsletters.

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ERTICO – ITS Europe is a partnership of around 100 companies and institutions involved in the production of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Together, ERTICO Partners conduct a range of activities to develop and deploy ITS to save lives, protect the environment and sustain mobility in the most cost-effective way.

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