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For the first time ever\, the Policy Conference will be organised in a digital format\, under the theme “Beyond the crisis: clean energy for green recovery and growth”. \nCheck out the Policy Conference programme. \nSessions organised by the European Commission and energy stakeholders will focus on sustainable energy issues\, debate new policy developments\, best practices and sustainable energy ideas. Next to the conference\, networking opportunities will gather the EUSEW Community online to forge alliances whilst the EUSEW Awards celebrate outstanding individuals\, projects and ideas. \nOn 22 June\, the first-ever European Youth Energy Day will gather 18-30-year-olds to share their ideas on how to transform Europe into the first climate-neutral continent. \nThe digital Policy Conference of EUSEW 2020 will take place online between 23 and 25 June 2020. \nClick here for more information. \nSource: EUSEW \nPhoto credits: EASME Communication \n URL: LOCATION:Online event ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=Europe/Brussels:20200919T090000 DTEND;TZID=Europe/Brussels:20201001T170000 DTSTAMP:20200605T202444 CREATED:20200323T131629Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200323T131629Z SUMMARY:Urban Mobility Days 2020 DESCRIPTION:The conference combines two leading events from Europe’s transport calendar: the CIVITAS Forum Conference and the European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). It will bring together policymakers\, local authorities\, academics\, NGOs\, urban transport practitioners\, urban planners and all those putting the SUMP concept into practice. Over 600 attendees are expected to participate in Urban Mobility Days 2020. \nClick here for more information. \n URL: LOCATION:Brussels\, Brussels\, Belgium ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20200920 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20200924 DTSTAMP:20200605T202444 CREATED:20200129T140250Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200129T140250Z SUMMARY:23rd International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems DESCRIPTION:The 2020 annual flagship conference of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) will be held in Rhodes\, Greece. The International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC) welcomes papers and presentations in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems\, dealing with new developments in theory\, analysis\, simulation and modeling\, experimentation\, demonstration\, case studies\, field operational tests\, and deployments. ITSC 2020 particularly invites and encourages prospective authors to share their work\, findings\, perspectives and developments as related to implementation and deployment of advanced ITS applications. \nIEEE ITSC 2020 welcomes papers and presentations in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)\, dealing with new developments in theory\, analysis\, simulation and modelling\, experimentation\, demonstration\, case studies\, field operational tests\, and deployments. IEEE ITSC 2020 particularly invites and encourages prospective authors to share their work\, findings\, perspectives and developments as related to implementation and deployment of advanced ITS applications. Both ITS researchers and ITS industry practitioners are encouraged to present their work. \nThe IEEE ITSC 2020 topics of interest include\, but are not limited to\, the following: \n·         Autonomous and cooperative systems \n·         Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) \n·         Information and Communication Technologies \n·         Field trials\, tests\, and deployment \n·         Sensor technologies \n·         Traffic control and management \n·         Security\, privacy and safety systems \n·         Smart mobility \n·         Products and services \n·         Modelling\, control and simulation algorithms and techniques \n·         Air\, road\, rail\, waterways transportation networks and systems \n·         Logistics and supply chain \n·         Big data and naturalistic datasets \n·         Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence \n·         Human factors and behavioural modelling \nClick here for more information. \n URL: LOCATION:Rhodes\, Greece\, Greece ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20201004 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20201009 DTSTAMP:20200605T202444 CREATED:20191216T085223Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200514T093738Z SUMMARY:27th ITS World Congress DESCRIPTION:Focusing on seamless mobility in an increasingly complex world\, ITS World Congress 2020 is the preeminent forum for professionals to build systems addressing global transportation challenges. \nThe Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) is looking forward to welcoming colleagues from around the world to America’s west coast. The city of Los Angeles is where west meets east – it truly defines the conference theme\, ‘The New Age of Mobility.’ It is the hub of moving people\, data and freight. \nLos Angeles takes the long view when making transportation decisions by developing innovative ways for people to move around the city. Just as it did for the 1984 Olympics\, the city is making infrastructure improvements in advance of the 2028 games that will benefit residents for decades to come – including Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Twenty-Eight by ’28 initiative to complete 28 transit projects by 2028. \nThe ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the two largest in the nation and combined are the tenth largest in the world. Together\, they move roughly 40% of the nation’s total containerized imports and 30% of exports. The modernization through technology at these ports is an example of how to move the 21st century economy. \nIn addition\, Los Angeles is the leader in using data to improve its transportation system\, which is key to improving safety\, managing congestion\, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. \n The world is changing at a breakneck pace. As I write this in the spring of 2019\, I can’t even imagine what the next eighteen months will bring\, but I know the 27th ITS World Congress will capture those changes and showcase the future by featuring the best and latest transportation technology. \nITS America members are eager to engage with others around the world who share our vision of a better future transformed by intelligent mobility – one that is safer\, greener and smarter. We look forward to a transformational event\, and I hope you will join us in Los Angeles in 2020. \nClick here for more information. \n URL: LOCATION:Los Angeles\, Los Angeles\, United States ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20220919 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20220922 DTSTAMP:20200605T202444 CREATED:20200109T113058Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200519T091912Z SUMMARY:ITS Central Eastern Congress DESCRIPTION:The 1st Central Eastern Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is a new event organized by ERTICO – ITS Europe\, aimed at the development and deployment of smart mobility solutions in Russia\, CIS countries\, the Middle East\, Europe and Asia. The Kazan Congress will provide a global platform to showcase ITS solutions that ensure safe\, efficient\, environmentally friendly and affordable mobility. \nThe 2020 ITS Central Eastern Congress is the first ever ITS Congress focused on cooperation with Russia\, CIS-countries and Central Eastern Europe. This Congress offers a unique opportunity to discover this emerging market\, open to innovation and international expertise. \nThe location of this special Congress has been carefully selected. Tatarstan is known as Russia’s leading region with Kazan as its lively centre from which to spread cutting-edge technologies and world knowledge across the whole country. \nClick here for more information. \n URL: LOCATION:Kazan\, Kazan ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20230522 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20230525 DTSTAMP:20200605T202444 CREATED:20200316T124401Z LAST-MODIFIED:20200504T070811Z SUMMARY:ITS European Congress - The Game Changer DESCRIPTION:The ITS European Congress\, the largest event entirely dedicated to smart mobility and digitalisation of transport is organised by ERTICO – ITS Europe. \nThe ITS European Congress is part of a bigger cluster of ITS Congresses. It is organised in a European city in the years where there is no ITS World Congress in Europe. The ITS World Congress rotates between Europe\, the Asia Pacific region and the Americas. For all European Congresses\, ERTICO and its Partners work closely with the European Commission and the host city to deliver an outstanding event built around three pillars: \n\nInternational Programme sessions and presentations with top speakers from the industry\n\n\nDemonstrations of the current transport technologies developed and deployed throughout the world\n\n\nExhibition of cutting-edge companies\n\nThese events are a strategic opportunity for the transport industry to come together and show the latest innovations\, with a slightly different focus for each year. The Congresses display the host city’s latest achievements in the field of intelligent mobility services\, supporting the hosts in increasing the awareness of the importance of new solutions and investments in the host region and country. \nDuring the Congress\, ERTICO Partners\, sponsors and exhibitors have the opportunity to arrange more focused events before\, during and after the Congress\, as well as having access to meeting rooms\, lounge areas and hospitality rooms. \nMore information is available here. \n  \n URL: LOCATION:Lisbon Congress Centre\, Praça das Indústrias 1\, 1300-307 Lisbon\, Portugal\, Lisbon\, Portugal ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR