10th ITS European Congress – Helsinki


The 10th European Congress and Exhibition will be held from 16 to 19 June 2014 at the Convention Centre Helsinki. The 2014 European Congress is organised by ERTICO – ITS Europe and the European Commission, and hosted by ITS Finland, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the City of Helsinki.

The motto of the ITS European Congress 2014 is “ITS in your pocket – proven solutions driving user services”. The event will focus on 6 themes:

  1. New mobility apps for consumers and businesses – making use of Open Data
  2. Smart transactions (ticketing, infrastructure, insurance, travel, parking)
  3. Multimodal network operation on city, region, national and international level
  4. Productivity for transport systems, including logistics and public transport
  5. Towards zero emissions
  6. From connected to automated vehicles

The programme of the congress is extraordinarily rich; an opening ceremony followed by a Welcome Reception, a 2000sqm exhibition, world-class conferences, business sessions, interactive sessions, interactive workshops, social and networking events, technical tours, live demonstrations and a closing ceremony.

Watch the promotional video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU__Vct62xY


ITS in your pocket App contest open!

ITS in your pocket is an App development competition open to companies, teams and individuals who want their proposals to be considered for a total prize sum of 100,000€. The competition will give traffic application proposals a wide European visibility and the opportunity to get feedback from experts in intelligent transport systems.

To be considered for the contest, Applications should provide solutions to improve transport safety, efficiency and sustainability, make transport systems more comfortable and should focus on the user needs.

For more information, rules and deadlines, click here or contact info@itsinyourpocket.com.