ERTICO and Innovative transport solutions at TRA2022

The 2022 Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference, held in Lisbon from 14-17 November, promoted transport research and innovative technology solutions. With a programme at the very heart of what ERTICO does, the Conference provided a great opportunity to contribute to the discussion on the development and deployment of smart mobility. Throughout the Conference week, ERTICO CEO, Joost Vantomme and the team participated in many lively interactions with consortium members of represented EU projects. Under the themes of Smart Solutions and Society, Green Mobility and Decarbonisation, Innovative Infrastructure for Europe 2030, and Policies and Economics for a Competitive Europe, interesting...


MODALES is driving towards net zero emissions

As transport represents almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, as well as air pollution which is responsible for around 7 million premature deaths worldwide, reducing emissions linked to the transport sector is one of the key priorities of the European Union and governments around the world. Through its roadmap for Clean & Eco-Mobility, ERTICO affirms its strong commitment towards sustainable mobility and developing greener services. By 2035, the roadmap envisions that all new cars should be zero emissions. Led by ERTICO, the MODALES project makes a key contribution to the roadmap through trainings and its low-emission app for drivers in 2022 and through the...


DEKRA’s new testing center for automotive battery systems

The international expert organization DEKRA is setting up a new testing center for automotive and stationary batteries. The facility will be located at the company’s Technology Center at DEKRA Lausitzring in Brandenburg, Germany. It is an important building block in DEKRA’s strategy of offering comprehensive testing and expert services for all aspects of electromobility from a single source. The new laboratory, for which the company is investing in the double-digit million euro range, is scheduled to be fully operational by late 2024. “The demand for testing services in relation to development, validation and certification of high-capacity battery modules and packs has sharply...


Policy Brief: Research and Innovation in Transport and Mobility

Transport and mobility are one of the core areas that can help achieve the goals set by the European Green Deal and the European Union’s digital strategy. While the green transition in transport is driven by the need to drastically reduce emissions and increase energy independence, the digital transition is instead an ongoing process driven by the advent of new or disruptive technologies. When integrated and implemented holistically, digital technologies can support green solutions and bring substantial benefits. Combined research and innovation activities are essential to move this interlinked transition forward. This policy brief aims to overview recent EU-funded research actions in...

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