Towards safer, cleaner and secure smart mobility with a new ERTICO Partner: BlackBerry

ERTICO is delighted to welcome a new member to its Partnership: BlackBerry. Founded in 1984, originally known for its smart phones, BlackBerry is today a global provider of software and services, ensuring the real-time operating systems that drive autonomous technology. BlackBerry is the product of choice for over 120 million automobiles and provides operating systems to traffic light manufacturers and high speed rail, as well as endpoint security and endpoint management software. With Europe representing an important market for smart mobility, BlackBerry is interested in identifying new cooperation partners from European industry and authorities who share its vision of safer, cleaner and...


Hackathon winner e3charge to present its ChargeSharing solution

The European project NeMo (Hyper Network for Electro Mobility) is pleased to announce the winner of the NeMo Hackathon: the “ChargeSharing” community-based EV charging solution from the German start-up SME e3charge. The NeMo Hackathon was an online competition open to entities outside the consortium, aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of the Hyper-Network’s open tools for service creation by offering them to third parties to develop new ideas or apps relating to electromobility (B2B or B2C). The solution from e3charge is a community-based network of private electric charging station providers. Based on a similar principle to car sharing, ride sharing or Airbnb, it allows owners of...



Since its founding in 1999, a small company in Saline, Michigan has worked on the cutting edge of mobile robotics for numerous clients, including the military. Although not widely known to the public, Quantum Signal helped the military develop software that allowed it to remotely control robotic vehicles from thousands of miles away. It even built a robust simulation environment capable of testing autonomous vehicle designs that’s still in use today. While Quantum Signal has operated in relative obscurity over the past couple of decades, its work has been on our radar at Ford for a while now. Over the past few years, Ford has been assembling a team of uniquely qualified experts in software...


EU Commission is collecting feedback on safe and automated road transport

This initiative provides a long-term framework for planning research and pre-deployment programmes for driverless vehicles across the EU and nationally. This is in line with the May 2018 Communication ‘On the road to automated mobility: an EU strategy for mobility of the future’. Through the initiative, all relevant research and innovation activities can be streamlined, creating opportunities for integrated mobility solutions. The Commission would like to hear your views! Roadmaps are open for feedback for 4 weeks. Feedback will be taken into account for further development and fine tuning of the initiative. The Commission will summarise the input received in a synopsis report explaining...

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