ERTICO – ITS Europe and ETSI’s Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) are organising the 2nd ITS Cooperative Mobility Services Interoperability testing event which is taking place from 11 to 15 June 2012 at IFSTTAR premises in Versailles France.

Following the succesful outcomes of the first event hosted by TNO in Helmond (NL) ETSI and ERTICO decided to hold a second round of  CMS Plugtests(TM). From the 11 to 15 June 15 companies with over 45 participants are gathered at IFSTTAR’s Versailles-SATORY testing ground to test the interoperability of their cooperative ITS units.

Organised by:

This blog is intended to share the general proceedings of this CMS interoperability event in a dynamic way. So don’t hesitate to leave your comment/questions below or on Twitter (@Seb_Mure and #ITSCMS2).

New tests:

This 2nd CMS interop event will include new and more complex test cases including contention-based fowarding IPv6 over geo-networking and intelligent intersection information exchange (TOPO/SPAT). The latter feature will be tested to preparefor the DRIVE C2X / Testfeld Telematik Demo taking place at the ITS World Congress in Vienna (22 – 26 October).

New participants:

Participants who were unable to join the first CMS interoperability event will also have the opportunity to carry out tests performed last year in Helmond such as basic GeoNetworking and CAM (Cooperative Awareness Message) / DENM (Decentralised Environment Notification Message) transmission.

This week of interoperability testing is supported by the European Commission and some partners of the EU co-funded projects DRIVE C2X and eCoMove are participants to the Plugtests.

You can still read the live blogging report of the CMS # 1 here.

Day 5 – 15 June 2012

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Special thank to all participants and to the organising team from IFSTTAR ETSI and ERTICO!

Closing of the CMS#2 Interoperability testing event

Friday 13:00 end of the tests! After a final wrap-up session the organising team  congratulates the participants for their good work.

The participants received diplomas confirming their participation to the event.

M. Jacques Ehrlich (below) head of the IFSTTAR’s LIVIC lab host of the Plugtest also thanked all participants and the organising team and reminded the importance of such events.

Final test sessions

We will soon be closing but participants are still testing! Below DENSO QUWIC and Siemens on the radio test bench.

Wrap-up session

The wrap-up sessions organised at the end of the day are used to discuss openly how tests are going and to provide feedback on the understanding of the standards. This week the GeoNetworking base standards especially have been discussed.


Conformance test sessions

Due to the success of the conformance testing sessions carried out at the first CMS Interoperability event with the ETSI ITS Conformance Validation Framework vendors requested  more conformance testing slots. Therefore 2 conformance testing slots have been set up and used during this week.

The ETSI ITS Conformance Validation Framework is an open test system (available for free for the ITS community) and can be used to assess the compliance of implementations with the ETSI standards. The development of test suites and test systems are part of the ETSI Test Methodology. Test suites and systems are also used  for certification purposes. With its high degree of flexibility it can be also used for company internal testing.

At the plugtest the conformance tests have been executed based on the TTCN-3 environment provided by Testing Technologies and the radio hardware provided by Cohda Wireless.


ETSI Conformance testing team with Kapsch (left) and INRIA (right).

Demo preparation for the ITS World Congress

First interoperability tests have been performed during the week in view of the demonstration organised at the ITS World Congress in Vienna (22 – 26 October 2012).

The aim was to check whether the implementations of the devices from the demo participants are based on the same specifications for GeoNetworking and also for the application messages (CAM DENM SPAT TOPO) and make sure that they are interoperable.

The tests were performed with CANoe.Car2x a test tool from Vector. This tool is used as reference for the specifications used in the DRIVE C2X project.

Above: Vector and Kapsch preparing for the ITS World Congress demo.

Day 4 – 14 June 2012

Today is public workshop day!

A public workshop has been held today parallel to the interoperability event. Around 80 participants joined to discuss the maturity of cooperative mobility services and the next steps for the deployment. Presentations and photos will be uploaded on this page soon.

You can access the proceedings of the workshop here.

Day 3 – 13 June 2012

IPv6 over GeoNetworking: first tests!

For the first time IPv6 over GeoNetworking  (GN6) tests were proposed. 5 GN6 implementations participated in the tests of which one implementation was available open source at

 Tests covered features such as:

  • exchange of IPv6 packets using link-local addresses or global addresses
  • Automatic configuration of GVL Geographical Virtual Links
  • Communication with legacy IPv6 addresses and in-vehicle IPv6 hosts

INRIA and HITACHI on the radio test bench:

Day 2 – 12 June 2012

In the mean time accross the road…

We are not the only ones testing our products in the vicinity. Below a picture of a fast and noisy neighbour…

It’s the Belgian rally pilot Thierry Neuville and his DS3 WRC!

Second test sessions

Hitachi-Renesas and Marben in a face-to-face session:

NEC SWARCO TNO and ITRI on the radio test bench:

Day 1 – 11 June 2012

First test sessions

ITRI and NXP/Cohda in a face-to-face test session:

Hitachi Kapsch and Siemens on the first radio-test bench:

DENSO QUWIC and TNO on the second radio test bench:

Welcome session

The organising team (ETSI ERTICO and IFSTTAR) and the experts support group welcomed the participants and explained the general planning for this week of tests.

Participating companies

Whilst most of the companies are participating in the event for the second time some newcomers have joined the group which shows the interest of the industry in interoperability testing.

The participants in the event are the following: Cohda Wireless Denso Automotive Hitachi Europe INRIA ITRI Kapsch MarbenProducts NEC NXP SemiConductors QUWIC Renesas Electronics Corp. Siemens Swarco Traffic Systems TNO Vector Informatik.

Arrival on site and set-up

Dark clouds over the golden fences of the Palace of Versailles: an impressive outlook nevertheless as the bus passes through town to bring the participants to the SATORY testing ground where IFSTTAR is hosting the interoperability event this week. Located in the middle of the test tracks the facilities are becoming increasingly busy as participants unpack and install their test units.

First test sessions are planned to start in the afternoon.

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