150629-5g-infographic-800There is great momentum today in the move towards the digitalization of industries; and this momentum will continue to increase in the near future, as the world embraces 5G as the new standard in global connectivity.

The key to this digitalization lies in the manner in which industries adapt 5G use cases to transform their business. As they prepare to harness the 5G system, there will be a network slice for each enterprise, meeting the specific requirements of every industry. 5G radio access, core networks, and management and orchestration will be the enablers that will bolster these use cases and allow us to maximize their potential.

From broadband connectivity in large public areas, to remote automation of critical machines in dangerous work environments such as mines, 5G already has use cases that can help businesses be future-ready.

Erik Ekudden, Head of Technology Strategies, Ericsson, talks about 5G use cases.
Two of the main advantages of 5G technology are its network security and low power consumption; which will enable enterprises to digitalize efficiently and cost-effectively.

The use cases for 5G are constantly evolving and increasing as Ericsson works closely with newer industries each day. We are building new use cases with them to see how 5G can transform their businesses by 2020.

Here are some use cases that show how the Ericsson 5G system can help to transform your business.

Original source: Ericsson