Save the date for the next TN-ITS platform Activity workshop! On 28 of May, the workshop will present two use cases (urban environment and European highway corridor), proposing a brainstorming and an interactive discussion followed by a questionnaire to gather the findings of this exchange.

The workshop aims at providing a better understanding of the TN-ITS services amongst other digital infrastructure services, stimulating a discussion to clarify “grey zones” in the data definition (static / dynamic data), foster cooperation amongst initiatives and platforms addressing the ITS Directive and determine opportunities, early ROI and needs for future research topics.

The workshop wants to bring the participants to express their views about the data sources and data owners, the delivery channels, the data processing procedure and environment, the methodology to ensure integrity, quality, authenticity, security and privacy.

Together with the representative of the EU Commission, the attendees will include road operators, service providers, telco operators, Industry (car manufacturers, IoT), platform experts, etc.

Check the full agenda here and ensure your participation registering here !