SYSTEMS: So we all talk about wearable technology as the Next Big Thing in the digital age – sometimes going as far as wondering when so-called Nano Skin might arrive on the scene. But perhaps the ultimate piece of technology is the one which renders us invincible in terms of the ending of our organic lives. Outlandish, slightly odd, but fascinating to ponder. Read more on Silicon Angle.

Immortality has long been a dream of humankind – from the ancients to sci-fi writers, we have pondered everlasting life.

These days, some optimists sign up to have their bodies cryogenically frozen after ‘death’ in the hope of one day being revived, somehow traversing the eternal divide.

Whether or not immortality can be achieved through “not dying” remains to be seen, but it may possible to have a different kind of immortality, if the creators of The exClone Project have their way.

Read more on Silicon Angle

NB: Digital human image via Shutterstock.

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