The ADASIS Forum, initiative which addresses the interface specifications necessary for the information exchange of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), has recently released ADASIS v2 specification of the ADASIS CAN protocol, used to transmit predictive map information over the CAN bus.

This new specification will enable the implementation of new applications to improve driving comfort and fuel efficiency.

In order to identify new requirements for map data and ADASIS interface functionalities in the context of innovative in-vehicle applications for safety and energy efficiency ,the ADASIS forum has organised a joint workshop with two important European funded research projects: eCoMove and INTERACTIVE.

The workshop took place in Aachen on June 6th 2010, and several members from the eCoMove consortium were invited to share and discuss the need for a cooperative eco-e Horizon. The 30 industry members of the ADASIS forum are willing to support further implementation of the standardised interface and therefore accelerate deployment of the ADAS horizon concept.

The IPs coordinators were invited to provide an overview of the two different projects.

The eCoMove project, presented by its coordinator Jean Charles Pandazis (ERTICO), will create an integrated solution for road transport energy efficiency by developing systems and tools to help drivers sustainability eliminate unnecessary fuel consumption and to help road operators manage traffic in the most efficient way.

The InteractIVe project, presented by its coordinator Aria Etemad (FORD), supports the development and implementation of active safety systems which are seen as one of the key enablers to increase road safety further in the future.

Several speakers from eCoMove were invited to give presentations about first ideas for an Eco Map with features and attributes that could be used within eCoMove, and about the need for a cooperative Eco-eHorizon, stressing the fact that ADASIS specifies how to provide data of a surrounding network of a vehicle based on its current position and information retrieved from a static map.


This Workshop has initiated the collaboration between ADASIS, InteractIVe and eCoMove on future development and implementation of the ADAS horizon concept.

In the spirit of PRevENT, where ADASIS worked together with MAPS&ADAS, SASPENCE and SAFELANE subprojects, the importance to agree on bilateral cooperation between the ADASIS Forum and the two European Projects has been stressed.

ADASIS forum members are willing to facilitate access to ADASIS Specifications by non ADASIS members from project consortia, and in return ADASIS members would appreciate to get access to ADASIS relevant results from these two projects.