Teleroute by Alpega, a European freight exchange community that covers road transport needs for both domestic and international routes, has taken a leap forward in a transportation market that is rapidly adopting the benefits of digital transformation with the release of TelerouteRecommends.

Transport planners constantly, and manually, search for routes and loads to fill their trucks. With TelerouteRecommends, freight exchange members are provided a real time and continuous feed of new routes and loads that are available and will be of most interest to them, from an efficiency and profit standpoint. The AI engine analyses data from historical usage of the platform to discover patterns and can anticipate needs and provide attractive offers for each member. Such data is the backbone of the freight offer recommendations with Teleroute providing a rich data pool from more than 85,000 transport professionals and 10.5 million freights and vehicles per month.

TelerouteRecommends learns fast. The more a customer uses Teleroute, the more tailored freight offers he/she will see. Alpega partnered with AI specialist ML6 to develop the solution. For more information, check this link.

“With the shortage of truck drivers, the global supply chain logistics strain and rising fuel costs, shippers, freight forwarders and carriers are all looking for ways to make the ecosystem more efficient and more environmentally friendly. It is estimated that 40% of all trucks on European roadways at any given moment are empty. Alpega Group is committed to addressing these issues through their digital logistics platforms to help the community manage transportation effectively from source to destination, loading dock to loading dock, and everything in between” said Fabrice Douteaud, General Manager, Alpega Freight Exchanges.

Source: Teleroute