Amitran’s second European Workshop will be held on 15 May in Brussels

The workshop will present the Amitran methodology and allow participants to focus on different use cases and provide feedback to the project. This methodology will support developers public authorities and investors in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions in making sound decisions based on reliable impact estimates covering the complete transport chain (including passenger and freight by road rail and inland waterway).

The workshop will explain how stakeholders can use and benefit from Amitran as well as collecting feedback and needs from stakeholder participants. It will also provide information on the publicly available methodology guidance that will be developed in the second half of the project.

It will be of interest to:

– Public authorities road and public transport authorities and operators and other bodies that invest in ITS that wish to measure and benchmark ITS solutions in terms of their environmental benefits

– Researchers and consultants who carry out studies for the above authorities and organisations (feasibility studies modelling validation plans impact assessment and longer-term monitoring)

Participation is free but on invitation only to relevant stakeholders. If you have not already received an invitation and are interested in participating please send an email to Andrew Winder – a.winder [at] – stating your organisation role (modeller analyst or other technical expert policy maker etc) and your interest in the work of the project. Please note that places are limited. 


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Original Publication Date: Thu 25 Apr 2013