The Arriva Group has concluded selling its Portuguese bus business to Dan Group following the contract signing by the end of last year. The sale concluded on Thursday, 15 December 2022.

Dan Group is Israel’s second-largest transport company, and the sale provides continuity for employees, passengers and clients alike. The business, Transportes Sul do Tejo’ (TST), provides bus services in Lisbon. All Arriva employees transferred over to Dan Group on completion.

TST has been part of the Arriva Group for around 20 years and has a significant track record of providing high-quality transport services in the City of Lisbon. Dan Group has a long history of partnering with local transport bodies and building its capability and footprint in Israel, so it is well-positioned to develop the business in Portugal and, further, it’s market presence.

Arriva now operates in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Source: Arriva Group