As of 1 July, Arriva Slovakia started a new 10-year contract in Trnava. The aim is to provide public transport services in the western Slovakian city, 47 km northeast of Bratislava. The contract win follows a competitive tender for a contract currently operated by Arriva Slovakia.

As part of the contract, Arriva intends to modernize its fleet of buses with 34 brand new vehicles and increase the number of low-floor accessible buses and focus on improved environmental performance.

In 2021, 17 new buses will be put into operation in Trnava, with another 17 vehicles retrofitted to ensure a much-improved passenger experience and new safety features. The second phase of the fleet renewal happens in 2026 when a further 17 new cars enter the fleet and begin operations. In other words, over the first five years of the contract, Arriva will have completed its vehicle upgrade program in the region.

The new buses are efficient and more sustainable low emission Euro V1 standard. They will provide an enhanced experience for customers onboard, LCD information displays, free-on-board WIFI, and an audio information system to announce each stop. Each bus will also be equipped with onboard CCTV for safety reasons and a mechanical tilting platform for passengers with reduced mobility to make access with prams or wheelchairs much easier. Our drivers will also experience enhanced comfort with each bus providing an enclosed air-conditioned cabin with a designated area for issuing tickets.

Jana Siber, Arriva Group’s Managing Director for Europe, commented: “We are the strongest private bus operator in the Slovak Republic, and I am proud that the team has secured this 10-year contract, which also represents an investment of EUR 8 million in fleet upgrades. We expect this investment to make a difference to our passengers in the region who already know Arriva as an established operator”.

The new contract comes into effect July 1st, with the first new bus delivery during July. Arriva will continue providing modern, safe and reliable transport for the people of Trnava across 13 routes with an annual output of more than one million kilometres.

Source: Arriva