Atos and the Port of Esbjerg, one of the largest harbors in Scandinavia, today announced a joint co-innovation project to create a leading Carbon Neutral Harbour with a dedicated ambitious decarbonisation solution for their customers. The two parties were matched up through efforts from Invest in Denmark, which is the national investment promotion agency of Denmark under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

The Port of Esbjerg and Atos are collaborating to create a trimodal solution that will contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in route networks. By calculating carbon footprint according to different transport modes and routes, the harbor aims to be an effective central logistic location, where sea, rail, and truck logistic companies will have the opportunity to be proactive in their decarbonisation strategies, choosing the mode and the route with the lowest carbon footprint and, at the same time, leveraging cost savings thanks to cooperation with the port.

Atos will provide the Port of Esbjerg an integrated and end-to-end IoT solution with technology features based on smart high-performance data analytics with built-in AI components such as machine learning and neural networks. With intelligent selection due to AI, the trimodal solution will incorporate all cargo requests into one digital analytical platform, including available routes and it will calculate carbon footprint according to the different transport modes and routes. In this way, the solution will enable companies to select the best mode and route with the lowest carbon footprint, taking into account time and cost.

“With Denmark set to reduce emissions to 70% of its 1990 carbon levels by 2030, we are proud to be working in collaboration with the Port of Esbjerg to build a sustainable future for Denmark. As a worldwide leader in secure and decarbonized digital with a set ambition to reach net-zero by 2028, Atos takes pride in leveraging its unique know-how in the industry to support and shape its clients’ decarbonisation priorities. We focus on carbon reduction to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and drive innovation to achieve success”, said Claus Larsen, Head of Atos in Denmark.

Atos, with a total R&D investment of about €250 million a year and more than 15 R&D centers worldwide, has made cutting-edge innovation a top priority. The Group aims to pioneer secure and decarbonized solutions that provide value to society. As part of its mission, Atos set its own ambitious to reach Net Zero emissions as early as 2028 and developed a unique end-to-end portfolio to support its clients on their decarbonisation journey.

Source: ATOS