On the fourth anniversary of its creation, during the Alliance Board meeting in Munich, Atos and Siemens decided to define new initiatives that would further expand their alliance. In particular, the two companies will, in the second half of this year, explore further opportunities for joint collaborations in the fields of advanced data analytics, cyber security and device connectivity.

The Alliance Board expressed their satisfaction about the performance of the business collaboration, highlighting in particular the innovation and investment programs that will over-achieve the objectives initially set. The joint innovation investment program which has been increased from the initial €100 million funding to €150 million has allowed Atos and Siemens to develop a pre-configured analytics platform providing a unique competitive advantage to their customers to accelerate their digitalization transformation, especially in the field of smart data.

The Atos-Siemens alliance, founded in 2011, forms one of the largest strategic relationships ever between a global engineering company and a global IT provider. Siemens is the largest industrial shareholder and the biggest client of Atos. Through early engagement and strong collaboration, complementary offerings and joint investments to create unique solutions, Atos and Siemens have generated many successful business wins. Atos and Siemens offer joint services to 130 major customers in various domains: manufacturing, transportation, energy and utilities, infrastructures.


Original source: Atos