The city of Barcelona has launched two new electric articulated buses that can charge their batteries while en route at a station.

The buses were presented last week within the framework of the EU-funded ZeEUS project, co-ordinated by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP).

‘Public transport’s role is essential to achieve the sustainability plan of Barcelona’, said the CEO of TMB Barcelona, Enrique Cañas Alonso. ‘We are happy to introduce two more electric vehicles and enlarge our participation in the ZeEUS project to reduce emissions in Barcelona.’

The new buses, two articulated Solaris Urbino E, are the first 18-metre pure electric vehicles in Spain and are able to charge batteries while en route at a station built specially by Endesa in the Zona Franca, near the end of bus route H16.

Built in Poland by Solaris, the two 18-meter articulated buses, with a capacity of 110 passengers, are powered by 270 kW electric motors and equipped with three two-speed batteries —slow charging at the garage and rapid charging en route. As a result, the bus is able to perform well with smaller batteries (120 kWh) and less weight, which makes it more efficient.

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