The Flemish Ministers of Mobility and Innovation are joining forces to make traffic safer, smoother and more sustainable. The Flemish Government the green light was given for Mobilidata, an ambitious mobility project that fits into the Flemish Road Safety Plan and wants to make Flemish traffic safer, smoother and more sustainable through smart data management and technology.

Flemish ministers Lydia Peeters and Hilde Crevits: ‘Data and data connectivity in the field of mobility are the new gold. Not only can we increase traffic safety and ensure smooth traffic flow, but through this open mobility ecosystem, we ensure that various players and stakeholders can use the data to offer smart mobility solutions. To achieve this, we are working with a consortium led by Be-Mobile, a Belgian company specializing in smart mobility solutions. Flanders is allocating 18.2 million euros for this purpose’.

‘With this strong public-private partnership, AWV is committed to connected mobility. With this program, we are developing digital road management where we pass real-time traffic information to road users, who in turn ‘connect’ to our road infrastructure. Movements thus become smoother, safer, more sustainable and more comfortable.’ Tom Roelants, Administrator General AWV.

Data and in particular data connectivity are the new ‘gold’. Mobilidata creates innovative mobility solutions that increase road safety, improve traffic flow and reduce emissions. This is done by focusing on a sustainable digital data infrastructure and by stimulating the use of this data in innovation applications.

Mobilidata will realize 31 innovative technological traffic applications. Through a network of sustainable, smart and reliable data, the signal sent by your onboard computer or smartphone will be communicated with. In this way, traffic lights can better respond to certain mobility needs. For example, when a priority vehicle approaches an intersection during an urgent mission, the traffic light automatically switches to green so that it can proceed smoothly.

The contract was awarded to Be-Mobile after the selection process. They have extensive practical experience in research, development and building a sustainable ecosystem and is familiar with private-public cooperation.

‘The Mobilidata project is taking the mobility ecosystem in Flanders to the next step, where C-ITS and intelligent traffic lights will cater to the needs of road users, whether they are driving a vehicle, riding a bike or walking. By helping the public authority prioritise road safety and better-flowing traffic while ensuring that the set environmental objectives are also respected, Be-Mobile aims to bridge the gap of public-private cooperation in traffic management’, said Dr. Johanna Tzanidaki, Director Innovation and Deployment at ERTICO –ITS Europe. ‘True to the values of TM 2.0 of co-opetition and trust, Be-Mobile will be working with important stakeholders in traffic management so that traffic data can contribute to the better implementation of traffic planning and management by the Flanders authorities’.

Be-Mobile is an active member of the ERTICO partnership and a leading partner in the ERTICO Innovation Platform TM 2.0 on interactive traffic management. The TM 2.0 Innovation Platform, has been working on vehicle interaction with the traffic management procedures and tasks since 2014 and it has published a number of interesting reports for the successful implementation of the TM 2.0 concept at the city and regional level. The Innovation Platform currently numbers 42 members, out of which 22 are public authorities while most of the leading global traffic information providers (such as TomTom, HERE, Be-Mobile) and the traffic industry (SWARCO, Dynniq, Technolution, Siemens) are members. ‘The TM 2.0 Innovation Platform, has for the past 4 years been conducting interesting work on the concept of Mobility Network Management (MNM), that promotes a holistic view of the mobility system and the needs of its users. Public-private cooperation is key in mobility innovation projects,’ comments Dr. Johanna Tzanidaki, Director Innovation and Deployment at ERTICO –ITS Europe.

Source: Be-Mobile