The first traffic solutions within the Mobilidata program are live. It is about personalised traffic notifications for slippery danger, person or animal on the road, cargo loss, accidents or breakdowns, road works, and traffic jam tail ends. The solutions have been made widely available in Flanders. Anyone who connects to the ecosystem can use them and also improve them.

Mobilidata is rolling out as many as 31 use cases over the next year with the goal of connecting all mobility actors to promote traffic safety and flow and reduce emissions. After months of implementation to the underlying system, the first use cases visible to the end user are live.

The implementation of the personalised traffic notifications is being done by Be-Mobile. Prior to delivery for the Mobilidata program, the already existing notifications were analyzed and optimized. For example, the tail end of a traffic jam alert has been greatly improved. The location of the tail end is continuously updated so that everyone always receives a traffic jam warning at a sufficient distance.

For now, Mobilidata’s personalized traffic alerts only appear in the navigation apps Flitsmeister and NDrive. The information has been made widely available in Flanders, which means that other apps and stakeholders can join the ecosystem to make use of the use cases. Apps, in turn, share their users’ feedback with Mobilidata, improving the quality and timing of notifications.

Urbanization is growing in densely populated Flanders, but due to a lack of available space, infrastructure cannot be built everywhere. Fortunately, the knowledge and technology related to sharing and managing smart data is expanding rapidly. By effectively organizing data from governments, market players and road users and enabling real-time, relevant information exchange between parties, Mobilidata helps improve traffic flow.

Public and private organizations are working together to create smart data systems and advanced apps to exchange this information. Mobilidata lays the foundation for service providers and developers to work with. Everyone using the system helps improve the quality of the data, which has the following effects: better air quality, faster communication and increased road safety.

Mobilidata is a program of the Flemish government, supported by imec and with financial support from Vlaio and CEF (Connecting Europe Facility). Mobilidata aims to make traffic in Flanders safer, smoother and more sustainable through innovative technological mobility solutions. The rollout of the Mobilidata CORE sub-project is being done by a consortium of companies led by Be-Mobile.

Source: Be-Mobile