On 11 and 12 December 2012 TISA Committees met in Bordeaux for the last meetings of the year. Hosted by the CUB (Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux) representatives from the TISA Membership discussed the latest developments in the Content and Service Provision and Products Committees.

Christine Buisson from IFSTAR gave a presentation on traffic management plans and on the advantages and limitations of “travel times” based approaches.

François Fisher Project Manager at ERTICO presented the ERTICO/TISA vision on conformity testing and certification after TISA and ERTICO organised the first Testfest on TPEG in Munich in September where a series of interoperability test cases were undertaken. The second TPEG Testfest will be organised in May 2013 in Munich again.

After the meeting the TISA delegation visited the Bordeaux Traffic Centre (the CIGT – Centre d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Trafic) that monitors over 30 events per day (including serious ones such as crashes). The data collected by the centre comes from the police (40% of the information) video equipment of the road (20%) and road users/emergency call (40%). As soon as an accident happens the centre reacts with three steps: the collection of data ; the provision of real-time traffic information to road users; and finally the management of security taking correct measures according to the gravity of the situation. The whole process takes between 2 and 5 minutes maximum.

On the way to the social dinner Jean-Philippe Mechin from the CETE Sud Ouest (a subsidiary of the French Ministries of Ecology Development & Durable Installations and the one of Housing & City) gave some general information about Bordeaux which will host the 15th ITS World Congress in 2015 assuring members that it will be a successful event thanks to the region’s advanced traffic technologies.

The social dinner was also a way to thank the retiring Executive Director of TISA – Bev Marks for his dedication to the association and to greet Matthias Unbehaun as new Executive Director as of January 2013. On this very special occasion Mr Marks received the TISA Fellowship Award from Thomas Kusche President of TISA for his support and hard work over the years. In his speech Mr Kusche said: “No wonder that TISA tried to keep Bev after his Executive Director’s career with all his knowledge. Therefore I am happy to announce that we secured his experience in a one-year limited position as Special Advisor Standardisation Processes. It calms me to see TISA with such an excellent representation in a decisive phase of many standardisation processes”. Mr Kusche added “Some people may see that kind of continuity in employment as a proof of trust and distinction. But the TISA Steering Board was convinced that this is not enough in light of all that Bev has done for TISA and the market. TISA has an opportunity to decorate most deserving people in an outstanding way. And you won’t be surprised that it was an unanimous decision to offer Mr Bev Marks today the TISA Fellowship”.

In receiving the award Mr Marks said: “I will do my best to support TISA through my fellowship It’s a huge honour and having this fellowship will give me the opportunity to meet you again”.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 20 Dec 2012