Over 30 participants attended the hangout organised organized by BigDataEurope  on the 2nd  December. The hangout gave an overview on the activities of the past year, focusing on developing the pilot use case, and addressed the possibilities of enhancing the pilot for the next cycle in 2017.

Have a look at the presentations below or view the recording online.

Maxime Flament  (ERTICO-ITS Europe) started off by giving a brief introduction to the BigDataEurope activities and the Societal Challenge of Transport. See his presentation below.

Next, Paul Kompfner (ERTICO-ITS Europe) showcased the many opportunities that lie in big data technologies concerning transport, giving an overview of smart mobility or the concept of Mobility as a Service ( MaaS).

After setting the scene for the Transport challenge, the following presentations gave an overview of the work done so far in the transprot case. First Josep Maria Salanoava (CERTH) gave an introduction to the infrastructure in Thessaloniki and the implementation of the big data platform.

Finally, Luigi  Selmi ( Fraunhofer IAIS) explaiend the technical background of the platform and gave a quick demonstration to what the platform is capable of today and gave a glimpse of possibilities in the next cycle phase.