ERTICO is delighted to announce that Biscay Regional Council, the governing body of Biscay in Spain, has joined its Partnership. This new collaboration opens ERTICO’s network to another important player in the Public Authorities sector.

‘Joining ERTICO offers us the unique opportunity to be part of an innovative and expert community dedicated to the technological development of ITS. The opportunity to participate in ERTICO’s initiatives aimed at collaborating and knowledge sharing is a building block that allows us to design and develop more effectively the deployment of ITS on the roads in our territory,’ says Eduardo Sainz, Head of Road Service.

Biscay Regional Council aims to ensure sustainable mobility for the citizens by promoting various activities and initiatives in the region. It is also known as one of the greenest places in terms of mobility in Spain.

‘It is with great pleasure I welcome Biscay Regional Council to ERTICO’s Partnership, a key player in the Public Authorities sector. Biscay Regional Council’s growing community of more than 150 public authorities in Europe will significantly contribute to our knowledge sharing by leveraging the international exchange and sharing platform for local and regional social services. We are thrilled to have them on board and sharing the vision to ensure sustainable mobility in Europe and beyond,’ says Joost Vantomme, ERTICO CEO. ‘Together with our Partners, we strongly believe in thought leadership and sharing knowledge on smart, efficient and safe mobility. Biscay Regional Council will play an important role in supporting these activities, and we are proud to team up with them for this journey.’

‘We understand that sharing challenges, knowledge, and projects with other organisations in the road mobility value chain accelerates the technological development and applied innovation of ITS and the economic and social boost in the regions where they are implemented. We also understand that this is the quickest way to achieve the goal of providing a public service with added value to the users of our road infrastructures,’ continues Eduardo Sainz, Head of Road Service.

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