With Automated Valet Parking (AVP), Bosch has developed in cooperation with Daimler a driverless system for parking garages which guides the car to a free space using intelligent parking garage infrastructure and parks the car.

AVP is one of two products which Bosch is developing and testing as part of its “Connected Parking” project. Community-based Parking (CbP) is a process that allows passing vehicles to recognize free parking spots, and send this information to other drivers via Cloud.

AVP allows the vehicle to be left at the drop-off area of the parking garage, and all the driver needs to do is activate the smartphone app. This establishes digital contact with the parking garage, and the route to a free parking spot is computed. The parking spot that the system will aim for is selected to suit the vehicle’s size. This is when the Bosch technology in the parking garage takes charge. It includes cameras that recognize suitable, vacant parking spots in the parking garage, that monitor the driving route around the car, and that detect unexpected obstacles or persons in the car’s path so that the vehicle can react immediately. At the destination, parking is completely automatic and problem-free, even if space is tight. The vehicle is returned exactly the same way: Collection is activated via the app, and the car arrives right on cue.

AVP will celebrate its world première in the second quarter of 2018.

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Source: Bosch

Photo credits: Bosch