On 13-14 September, the 5G-MOBIX project reached another milestone by organising the first ever 5G autonomous driving public demonstration across the Spain-Portugal border as part of the project’s final event. At the international bridge Tui-Valença, partners and stakeholders have witnessed the impact of these 5G-enabled solutions in different scenarios.

Over four years, the 5G-MOBIX project brought together 59 partners from 13 countries in Europe and Asia sharing the common goal to demonstrate the usefulness of 5G technology for advanced, connected and automated mobility (CAM) applications in cross-border conditions. The potential of the various 5G capabilities has been assessed along two cross-border corridors (Spain-Portugal and Greece-Turkey) and six urban trial sites (France, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, China and South Korea).

For the project’s final event the selected location connects the cities Vigo and Porto and lies along the border between Spain and Portugal, representing an example of soft border crossing allowing the testing of 5G for CAM across European countries. Coordinated by ERTICO, the leader of the Spanish-Portuguese corridor trial sites CTAG teamed up with Spanish and Portuguese public and private operators to test 5G features on public roads under diverse traffic, network coverage and service demand set-ups.

The project’s demonstrations in local and cross-border contexts have proven that seamless cross-border mobility is feasible and the performance of 5G can be significantly better. The collaboration among the different partners in the 5G-MOBIX consortium allowed the development and implementation of a large set of CAM services that can already be supported today because in line with commercially available performance.

“Automated driving needs seamless connectivity, and today 5G-MOBIX proves that it is possible across the Spanish-Portuguese border, not only through technology but for a large part through cooperation in this complex stakeholder group,” highlights Coen Bresser, Senior Manager of Innovation and Deployment at ERTICO-ITS Europe and 5G-MOBIX Project Coordinator.

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Source: 5G-MOBIX website