More and more cities today are working to find solutions to lower CO2 emissions, avoid traffic congestions and improve the safety of road users. The European Project C-MobILE has just the right solution!

C-MobILE integrates traffic management systems and implements open standards and protocols in most of the infrastructure equipment to ensure more control over traffic in both urban and extra-urban environments. This benefits several end users across various transport modes, one of these being bicycles.

Recently, Jos van Vlerken, Deployment Site Leader, presented the C-Mobile project to the Traffic Operators and Managers of the City of Copenhagen.

In Copenhagen, the C-Mobile project will inform road users about changes in traffic signals in real time, as well as send alerts on road works and road hazards. One of the biggest obstacles for cyclists, for instance, is to decelerate and accelerate at traffic signals. Contrary to car drivers, who only have to press a pedal to accelerate, cyclists actually have to expend real energy to get back to their cruising speed after having stopped at a traffic signal. Thanks to C-Mobile, cyclists will be able to adjust their speed and enjoy a better flow in a safer, more efficient and consequently greener commute.

“Making transport more efficient is also a way to motivate even more road users to commute by bicycle every day, like 49% of the residents of Copenhagen are already doing”, said Jos.


“The new services for road users are made possible thanks to C-MobILE’s work on gathering and publishing data from our infrastructure and what is happening in the streets. This allows us to better understand how to manage traffic and constitutes an improved foundation for informing road users”, he continued.

Despite the project coming to an end in 2020, its solutions are expected to be extended and to benefit many other cities in Europe. “Because standardisation and interoperability are cornerstones in the C-Mobile project, the same services can be (and are) applied elsewhere, like in Barcelona, Thessaloniki, Bordeaux and many more”, he concluded.

This year, users and cities will have many opportunities to come and meet the C-MobILE team and learn about the project’s solutions in many events in Europe such as TRA 2020, TEN-T Days and the ITS European Congress.

For more information, please visit C-Mobile’s events page.