The 13th European ITS Congress took place from 3 to 6 June 2019 in Eindhoven’s Evoluon centre with various demonstrations and side events in the neighbour ITS pioneer city Helmond. It was an exciting week for the ITS Community with networking and collaboration opportunities but also a congress full of interesting and groundbreaking presentations, technical and scientific papers, panel discussion and many more.

Many are already familiar with InterCor as it been presented at ITS Congresses before (ITS WC Copenhagen 2019, ITS EU Strasbourg 2017) but this time it was the last congress for InterCor to participate as a European funded project. InterCor was presented in several occasions throughout the week in forms of technical paper presentations, sessions and stand presentations.

Already on the first day of the congress, Monday 3 June 2019, InterCor was presented in the session SIS06 – Harmonizing evaluation of C-ITS to support interoperability in Europe, organised by Gary Crockford, DfT and moderated by Giacomo Somma, ERTICO-ITS Europe. The session shared experiences from C-ITS corridor pilots from across Europe to show ‘best practice’ evaluation initiatives that are taking place, their points in common as well as their differences.

On Tuesday 4 June 2019 Gary Crockford, Department for Transport, UK and Gerard van Dijck, Provincie Utrecht, NL presented InterCor in a dual presentation at the ERTICO booth 2.1 in the Ring 2 of the Evoluon dome.

Gary Crockford, DfT presented a common framework for data acquisition and evaluation is defined to enable the objective comparison and exchange of evaluation results between InterCor pilots. Gerard van Dijck presented a short story of the tunnel logistics use case in the Netherlands.

Bart Netten, TNO, presented two technical papers: Open Specification of Log Data for Cooperative and Automated Driving and Interoperability Evaluation using the RTTI App in InterCor TESTFEST in a technical session TS39 Cross border solutions on Thursday 6 June 2019.

The second paper focused on RTTI which has been deployed in all InterCor TESTFESTS as a reference application for technical evaluation in InterCor. This presentation gave some examples of the RTTI evaluation results from four TESTFESTs as an indication of the feasibility and successfulness of the cross-border interoperability.

The first presentation focused on an open specification which is published for data that is logged in cooperative and automated driving systems. The specification has been developed and deployed in the cause of several international research and deployment projects, in particular InterCor, AUTOPILOT and C-MobILE.

On Thursday, 6 June 2019 Special Interest Session SIS44 – C-ITS hybrid communication to support interoperable services took place in the morning. The session presented the latest C-ITS hybrid communication live deployments as well as service provider and C-Roads Platform experiences in Europe with results of technical performance, cross-border interoperability and harmonization, socio-economy, user acceptance, security, business models and service ecosystems. The session was moderated by Giacomo Somma, ERTICO-ITS Europe and included presentations by speakers Eric Ollinger, French Ministry of Transport, France, Arne Lindeberg, Swedish Transport Administration, Sweden, Claire Depré, European Commission, DG MOVE, Belgium, Gary Crockford, Department for Transport, United Kingdom, Maxime Flament, 5G Automotive Association, Germany, Erik Olsen, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Norway.