A young French entrepreneur has launched an online platform where people can offer or rent vehicles adapted for people with disabilities.

Charlotte de Vilmorin, who uses a wheelchair, launched Wheeliz at the end of April. 

Car owners can list a vehicle and when it is available for rent, with a suggested price of € 50 – € 70 per day. This is about a third of the normal price of hiring these adapted vehicles through conventional services.

The company takes a commission of 30 per cent to cover its costs, which includes insuring all vehicles listed on the website. ‘This is the first [website] of its kind,’ de Vilmorin told Agence France Presse. ‘We’re starting with 60 cars registered across France for daily, half-day and weekly rentals. Eventually, when we have sufficient numbers of cars, we would like to offer more tailored services.’ According to de Vilmorin there are some 100 000 people across France who own vehicles suitable for disabled passengers or drivers.

‘Those who do not use their vehicles every day could choose to supplement their income while providing a service,’ she says. 

Original author: Lewis Macdonald
Picture: Metropolitan Transportation NYC