Celtic-Plus, the industry-driven European ICT and telecommunications research programme under the umbrella of EUREKA has just opened a new Call for project proposals, and is waiting for your proposals.

Deadline is 10 February 2015

· You are free to define your project proposal according to your own research interests and priorities. Your proposals are not bound by any call texts, as long as it is within the ICT/telecommunications area.

· Celtic-Plus projects are close to the market and have a track record of fast exploitation results after the end of the project. So far the projects have led to more than 550 new or improved products and services. The return of investment is estimated to about 50 times the invested money.

· High-quality proposals have an excellent chance of receiving funding, with an average success rate of 70 %.

· The results of the evaluation will already be known in April 2015.

Preparing and submitting a Celtic-Plus project proposal is easy. Just register on the Celtic-Plus Online proposal tool, fill in the Webforms, and upload your proposal in pdf. A template for the proposal can be downloaded from our Call Information page (“proposal forms and documents”).

All EUREKA member countries and associated countries can financially support Celtic-Plus projects. More information on public funding per country can be found on the Celtic-Plus National Contacts Website.

Examples of Celtic-Plus research areas

Celtic-Plus gives proposers almost limitless freedom in regard to what research topic they can explore in their ICT research project. The philosophy of the programme is to facilitate projects in a bottom-up way, thus offering projects the chance of both evolutionary as well as disruptive innovation in all relevant ICT areas, without limiting their creativity and disruptive potential by prescribing narrow objectives.

Project proposals typically fit into one of the two Celtic-Plus areas, “Get connected” and “While connected”.

Get connected:

“Get connected” addresses everything needed to establish, run and secure the communication, including the infrastructure and connectivity aspects. Key topics of current and future Celtic-Plus projects are related to network capacity, optics, mobility, security, robustness, and energy efficiency.

Current topics in the “Get connected” area include:

• 5G, the next generation of mobile and wireless networks

• Internet of Things with its billions of sensors and activators

• Energy efficiency to reduce the enormous amount of energy current ICT requires

• Security, privacy, identity and public safety, including critical communications infrastructure

While connected:

“While connected” tackles all aspects once communication is established, including requirements for end-to-end services and applications. Key topics of current and future Celtic-Plus projects are 5G, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, digital enterprises, e-health, big data, Internet of Things, as well as horizontal services, like security, privacy, identity and public safety.

Current topics in the “While connected” area include:

• Smart cities, smart industry and smart homes, which require a cross-sector approach

• Digital enterprises to ensure that European enterprises stay competitive within the global markets

• E-health, solutions in response to the challenges of the aging European population

• Big data, including the related research challenges for, e.g., data capture, storage, analysis, transfer, and privacy


If you have any questions or need help, you can contact Celtic-Plus: Peter Herrmann, herrmann@celticplus.eu or Peter Stollenmayer, stollenmayer@celticplus.eu