Cesar satellite performed the first crash test of a vehicle equipped with the Russian eCall accident emergency response system (ERA-GLONASS) using its own terminals in the Scientific Research Automobile And Automotive Engine Institute (NAMI).

The purpose of the test is to develop methods of certification tests for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union “On the safety of wheeled vehicles” under the automatic triggering of terminals “ERA-GLONASS” in a frontal collision. Methods of certification tests worked out during the crash test vehicles of category M1 in accordance with ECE Regulation number 94. Vehicles with pre-production of the domestic terminals of Cesar Satellite makes a frontal impact at 56 km / h on a deformable barrier with 40 percent overlap. Terminal of Cesar Satellite keep working after the collision and passed a test subsystem “ERA-GLONASS” correct information about the place, time and nature of the accident.

“Cesar Satellite is testing car terminals and infrastructure” ERA – GLONASS “together with NP GLONASS mid-2013, the territory of the Russian Federation, – says Andrey Putienko, vice president of GK Cesar Satellite. – We adjusted the production of automotive terminals “ERA – GLONASS”, which took into account the comments and suggestions of the leading car manufacturers and regulatory requirements in accordance with TR CU 018/2011. According to the results of the tests today, we can say with confidence that our terminal “ERA – GLONASS” meets all the requirements for the automatic determination of the parameters of road accidents and the transfer of appropriate information in the AIS “ERA – GLONASS.” Upon successful completion of the certification tests we start mass installation of our terminals for cars. Cesar Satellite Terminals harmonized technical requirements and standards applicable to the systems “ERA-GLONASS” and eCall, which was practically demonstrated at the 10th European Congress on ITS in Helsinki in June this year. “

“This is a significant event not only for the car manufacturers and automotive electronics suppliers, but also for the” ERA-GLONASS “as a whole, – says Evgeny Meilikhov, deputy head of the Development of the” ERA-GLONASS “. – The tests are an important step towards the practical application of the developed methods of certification. Association of specialists’ competence NP “GLONASS” and allows us to solve problems efficiently introduction of methods of testing, both international and developed by our organizations. This ensures readiness for the certification tests of vehicles equipped with systems call emergency services. “

Earlier, in early 2014, the Council of Non-Commercial Partnership “Promoting the development and use of navigation technologies” (NP “GLONASS”) established a Working Group for Cooperation with the emergency services. Of the Working Group for Cooperation with emergency responders appointed Leonid Ogarev, president of the Group of companies’ Caesar Satellite “, a member of the non-commercial partnership” GLONASS “.

Source: Cesar Satellite