What started out as a fun, informal team building event to inspire the Volvo CE and LEGO® Technic design teams in 2016, gradually evolved into a fully fledged autonomous concept wheel loader. Their goal: Design the construction machines of the future.

The collaboration made it possible to test ideas for new types of construction machines, both in terms of functionality, scale, design and interaction and to bring a more human aspect to the artificial intelligence in big construction machines. The Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX is a realistic next step in the exciting evolution of our construction machines. A focus group consisting of children helped out in the process of creating the ZEUX. Looking at early drawings and models, the group gave feedback that led to the development of new, unique features. Two main features that the group decided on were the mapping drone and the adjustable camera boom mounted on the top of the vehicle, called “the Eye”.

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Source and photo credits: Volvo