Dr Wu Zhongze’s Interview at the Bordeaux Congress

Dr Wu Zhongze, Chairman of ITS China, revealed to the media during the ITS World Congress 2015 that by 2020 China’s investment in the intelligent transportation industry is estimated to reach 180 billion RMB (30 billion USD).

As Dr Wu said, with the popularity of the mobile internet and cross-industry integration, intelligent transport service has become an integral part of social production and people’s everyday life, providing strong support for Chinese cities’ huge traffic volumes and operation of transportation infrastructure networks, as well as the transporting of large number of people and trade cargo.

Recent years witnessed the continuous and innovative development of China’s intelligent transportation industry. Intelligent traffic management and operation analysis systems are adopted in metropolis; 461 cities established Intelligent Transport Control Centers with response alarm, information collecting and traffic control functions;404 cities have regional traffic signal control or “green wave” control in primary and secondary road; The national motor vehicle/driver information management system has been established; Public transport IC card systems are connected in the Pearl River Delta and Jiangsu Province; ETC system are adopted in 29 cities, with 7000 ETC lanes and more than 13 million end users; 2000 Chinese ITS companies are involved in software development and system integration in video, security, surveillance, ETC devices.

Moreover, internet-based travel service and industry modes developed quickly. TAXI Apps are used more than 300 cities, with 10,000,000 service orders per day. V2I and smart driving technologies are accelerated into the industry. Important industrial standards were released in 2014. Internet enterprises participate in R&D of intelligent driving technology cooperating with auto-manufacturers.

Dr Wu predicted that in the next phase of development, China’s ITS industry will pay special attention to research and applications of the following aspects: first of all, continuously improve vehicle road condition perception and interaction technology, as well as comprehensive applications of transportation information resources. For instance Information-sharing between different sectors, e.g. buses, rails, civil aviation, traffic management..

Secondly, attach great importance to the comprehensive traffic information service for the general public, improve the intelligent level of transport services. Thirdly, promote the intelligent development of comprehensive transportation systems; and fourthly, further enhance the research and development of technologies regarding smart and new energy vehicles, building a green transportation technology system and achieving the balance between transport industry development and environmental sustainability.

Chinese government is focusing on the deployment of transportation innovation from all aspects, with special emphasis on the integrated application of comprehensive intelligent transportation, intelligent vehicles and intelligent services in the future. Meanwhile, the integrating of internet and the transport industry will be further enhanced, promoting a new industry outlook that relies on the internet as infrastructure and implementation tool.

ITS China has been working closely with international counterparts and entered cooperation with many associations. Dr Wu expressed the hope and confidence in further promoting exchanges and technical applications development in China and abroad through joint effort with the international community, and contribute to the continuous and prosperous development of the industry as a whole.

Text provided by ITS China