The CityLog and CityMove projects participated in the 8th ITS European Congress held in Lyon in the session on urban freight logistics.

Around 35 participants had the opportunity to hear about several technologies and city experiences of urban freight logistics. 

The session moderated by Julius Menge Berlin test site leader discussed the different ways of distributing freight inside the urban area by using ITS technologies innovative vehicle features and clever energy efficiency services which could lead to low noise low emissions efficient operations and safe manoeuvres.

The CityLog and CityMove projects presented by Guillaume Vernet and Gianfranco Burzio respectively had the opportunity to present the progress made. The next phase will be the demonstration of the feasibility of a wide range of logistic-oriented info mobility services: optimised pre-trip planner a new type of navigation system based on enhanced maps and a last mile parcel tracking service and the implementation of the CITYLOG scenarios in the specific context of each test site: Berlin Lyon and the region of Piedmont (Torino).

Other urban freight logistics oriented projects were presented. The results of the SMARTFREIGHT project showed how cooperative applications such as access control (environmental zones) could be applied in the field of urban freight logistics.

The FREILOT pilot presented by Zeljko Jeftic focussed on services that increase energy efficiency in goods and transport in European urban areas.  In the four FREILOT pilot cities – Bilbao Helmond Krakow and Lyon – the FREILOT system which gives a certain level of priority for trucks at junctions coupled with speed and acceleration limiters and eco-driving advice plus delivery space booking is currently being piloted.

Massimo Marciani President of FIT consulting provided with the audience with an example of the successful experience in Parma demonstrating that efficient and integrated last mile freight and passenger transport is achievable.

Photo: Guillaume Vernet (back) Consultant – Volvo Technology tests the FREILOT simulator at the ERTICO stand; Massimo Marciani (right) President – FIT Consulting and Zeljko Jeftic (left) FREILOT Coordinator shake hands

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Original Publication Date: Tue 14 Jun 2011