civitas_insight_13-14_imageThe 13th and 14th editions of the CIVITAS Insights series have just been published, giving a detailed look at e-mobility legislation and real-time information for public transport. All the Insights are currently available from the CIVITAS Key Publications page and the CIVITAS Library.

The European Union regulatory framework regarding alternative fuels and clean vehicles for private and public transport has become more and more substantial over the last years. This can be attributed to health concerns due to air pollution and growing awareness of the impacts of climate change.

Electromobility is of specific interest in this regard, as it can contribute to reducing harmful emissions. Additionally, development and deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) have increased greatly over the past decade. This has been supported by widespread availability of mobile technology with GPS and high-speed internet connections.

Travellers are now able to access real-time information about transport anywhere and at any time. Planning trips – regardless of the mode – has never been so easy. Service providers and operators are able to better serve their customers.