Partners of Cloud LSVA will be hosting a special interest session at this year’s ITS World Congress in Melbourne titled “Exploiting cloud and big data technologies for ADAS and Digital Cartography”. 

Date & time:Friday 14 October – 13:00 – 14:30

Place: MR213

Find out more about the 23rd ITS Word Congress here, or proceed to the registrations page to take advantage of the standard rates!

More about the session:

The Cloud-LSVA project presents a research plan to advance technology and performance in the key automotive industry by employing Semi-Automated Video Annotation, Scene Recognition, Object Recognition and Deep Learning, in conjunction with vehicle sensor data. The complexity of data produced by automotive sensors presents a significant research challenge that, if addressed, will provide quantifiable impact on society and industries. The Cloud-LSVA project will focus on applications in the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Digital Cartography domains. Real consumer demand for the next generation of ADAS technologies exists and is growing and both domains are key underpinning elements of the Semi-Autonomous and Autonomous vehicle initiatives.

The current session will feature topics on the relation between ADAS and Big Data; the importance of – Computer Vision based semi-automatic annotation, as well as touch on the sensitive issue of Insurance and liability in the future autonomous vehicles.

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