Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO ERTICO, launched at the ITS European Congress in Brainport ERTICO’s new match-making service entirely dedicated to European start-ups: the ERTICO  Start-up Initiative. ERTICO was delighted to be supported by Matthijs van Miltenburg, Member of European Parliament and Krista Huhtala-Jenks, Head of Ecosystem and Sustainability, MaaS Global, winner of last year’s Gold Award of the European Startup Prize for Mobility, which ERTICO supports. With the motto Connect, Innovate, Grow, ERTICO’s new Start-ups Initiative will grant three start-ups the unique opportunity to exclusive mentoring within the ERTICO Partnership. ‘Start-ups, with their creativity and adaptability have the potential and knowledge to help us bring new solutions for tomorrow’s journey and they are essential for the future of the European economy. This is why we want to integrate them in our work. We are sure that these micro-businesses will benefit from ERTICO’s 26 years of experience in smart mobility. Our Partners are looking with great interest at the vibrant start-up community to work with them to bring new products, services and ideas to the market.’ said Mr. Bangsgaard.

The three finalists will win the unique chance to:

 Connect with ERTICO’s strong and consolidated network of 120 Partners and work with Europe’s thought leaders in smart mobility, thanks to targeted match-making;
 Innovate within ERTICO’s pilot and research projects, which currently engage Europe’s top companies and organisations in the deployment of connected and automated driving, urban and clean mobility, and transport and logistics;
 Grow by staying updated with the latest trends and information in the world of Smart Mobility and gaining better access to the market, with ERTICO Partners acting as potential buyers or investors for the start-ups’ products and services.

‘It is important to connect the dots and connect people together. Start-ups need to use existing and available resources to scale up – it is not only about financing, but also about mentoring and making use of the experience of others. ERTICO is in a prime position to help,’ said Mr.van Miltenburg, MEP. ERTICO is unique in Europe, thanks to its membership of public and private stakeholders, which places it in an advantaged position to understand the direction in which mobility is developing and foresee the future opportunities that lie ahead.

‘ERTICO with its members bring a wealth of experience to the table, which start-ups can benefit from. Start-ups often lack the resources to invest in public-private partnerships. For this ERTICO is a fantastic platform. Simultaneously start-ups can bring so much diversity and dynamics to the ERTICO Partners, so the Initiative is really a win-win for all.’ said Krista Huhtala-Jenks.

Start-ups will have the chance to be involved in EU-funded projects, have access and contribute to the latest innovations in smart mobility and grow their network of contacts thanks to targeted match-making with ERTICO’s network acting as potential customers or investors. In addition, the selected start-ups will have the opportunity to gain visibility through a series of events at European and international level, such as the ITS European and World Congress, ERTICO’s annual Think Tank and many of the initiatives which ERTICO supports, such as the European Startup Prize for Mobility.

With the ERTICO Start-up Initiative officially launched, start-ups across Europe can formally apply until July 15 2019. Winners will be selected in August and introduced to the ERTICO Partnership at the occasion of ERTICO’s annual Think Tank, taking place in Brussels on 12 September 2019.

To learn more about ERTICO Start-ups Initiative and apply, visit https://ertico.com/startups/