ERTICO is excited to welcome NeoGLS, French experts in C-ITS, Connected Vehicles and Intelligent Transport, into their network of Partners. NeoGLS joins ERTICO as a Service Provider, proposing a variety of platforms and ITS solutions to complement the work of the ERTICO Partnership.

NeoGLS offers innovative solutions in the management of road patrol, Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) with V2X, I2V and V2V technologies and deploys logistics solutions, including for dangerous goods.

Starting with an operational platform for C-ITS event management and connection to external Traffic Management Systems, NeoGLS also proposes HMIs for professional and general public users, both on Android and IPhone, as well as an innovative platform and android applications permitting the optimisation of multimodal transport and logistics.

For the logistics field, NeoGLS’ iMCTO dashboard gives access to terminals, barges and transport companies the information necessary for optimisation of goods delivery. The integration of the European data exchange architecture “Datex 2 for Dangerous goods” additionally permits the company’s solution to manage and monitor dangerous goods transport through Europe.

Finally, NeoGLS proposes the integration of C-ITS solutions for logistics by connecting logistics use cases to C-ITS use cases provided by National C-ITS nodes.

ERTICO is thrilled to be continuing the work with NeoGLS, who has already collaborated on the EU-funded project C-Mobile and InterCor, and the ERTICO Platform AEOLIX. The ERTICO Partnership will facilitate NeoGLS efforts in the progression of ITS innovation and their participation in discussions, brainstorming and European research and deployment projects.