With a newly developed connectivity unit the international automotive supplier Continental has launched deliveries to a first Chinese automotive manufacturer. Via voice input and output the new connectivity unit allows motorists to safely access the Internet while driving.

Commenting on the successful introduction of the project Kieran O’Sullivan head of the Continental business unit Infotainment & Connectivity explains: “The new Continental connectivity unit offers an affordable and at the same time easy-to-use way to access popular Internet services that motorists demand.”

In April Continental commenced production of the new connectivity units after a development time of less than a year. By activating the connectivity function drivers of the new sedan which was presented at Auto Shanghai can now access a total of 22 different functions with direct access to data from the Internet. The car establishes a hookup to Deutsche Telekom servers which continually process Internet data for forwarding to the connectivity units. The system connects to the Internet over the driver’s cell phone via Bluetooth. This means that no extra data contract is required and results in lower hardware costs. Data in- and output is through voice making the system safe practical and easy to use. This simple realisation of Continental’s AutoLinQ concept allows for configurations that enable car buyers to add new apps to their vehicle and keep their infotainment system up-to-date at all times.

Continental plans to deliver the new system to two additional Chinese car models by the end of this year.


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Original Publication Date: Wed 27 Jul 2011