Utilising data-driven strategies has the potential to significantly enhance mobility services within the EU, resulting in improved use of transportation networks and efficiency across various modes of travel. This, in turn, can advance the establishment of a connected, environmentally sustainable, and competitive transport sector within the EU. Despite the substantial volume of relevant data being generated, the landscape of transport and mobility data remains disjointed, making accessibility challenging. It is imperative to swiftly address this fragmentation to effectively leverage the advantages of digitalisation in the mobility and transport domain within the EU.

deployEMDS supports the reinforcement of EU digital capacities

deployEMDS, a recently launched project co-funded by the EU Digital Europe Programme, aligned with the European Data Strategy and the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, will support policymaking by enabling data sharing and reuse for efficient multimodal mobility and traffic management, as well as for measuring progress of sustainable urban mobility across Europe.

Leveraging stakeholder expertise through the Innovation and Scaling Group (ISG)

Led by ERTICO, the Innovation and Scaling Group (ISG) will foster collaboration between project stakeholders and external large companies, SMEs, startups, and the academia. The ISG constitutes a matchmaking platform aiming at developing further innovative use cases for mobility data sharing with European cities and to broaden the spectrum of users of the emerging European mobility data space components.

Collaboration between deployEDMS stakeholders and external entities will allow the consortium to develop innovative use cases, promote knowledge exchange, and ensure technical and governance developments meet private actors’ needs.

Participants in the ISG will benefit in various ways:

  • Innovative Solutions Development: Collaborating with partner and follower cities, ISG members refine and deploy real-world use cases, showcasing the practical applications of mobility data and data space building blocks.
  • Enhanced Market Visibility: Engagement in ISG activities provides exposure to diverse stakeholders, offering insights into emerging trends and opportunities in the development of a common European mobility data space.
  • Policy and Standards Shaping: ISG members have the opportunity to influence future policies and standards at both EU and national levels, contributing to the development of robust regulatory frameworks.
  • Access to Industry Platforms: Through deployEMDS, ISG members collaborate with established industry organisations and standardisation platforms, fostering exchange and collaboration.
  • Synergy with European Initiatives: The ISG establishes synergies with other relevant EU-funded projects and platforms, maximising impact and outcomes.

The ISG’s activities include training sessions, matchmaking, co-creation workshops, and biannual workshops to encourage collaboration and solution development.

Emin Aliyev, the ISG coordinator from ERTICO says “Joining the ISG opens doors to ERTICO members and its network, offering a wide range of opportunities in the mobility/transport data space. Whether it is boosting the network, developing innovative solutions, increasing market visibility, contributing to policies and standards, accessing industry platforms, or establishing synergies with other relevant European-wide initiatives, the ISG provides a gateway to advancement and collaboration.”

We invite all interested parties to register to the ISG and introductory webinar, which will take place on April 23th here to be a part of this transformative dialogue.

For more information about the ISG you can access the ISG Charter here.