The workshop was sponsored by the PRECIOSA FP7 project with the support of CVIS.

The goal of PRECIOSA (Privacy Enabled Capability in Co-operative Systems and Safety Applications) is to demonstrate that co-operative systems can comply with future privacy regulations by demonstrating that an example application can be endowed with technologies for suitable privacy protection of the location related data of individuals. 

The objective of this workshop was to investigate how privacy and data protection can be taken into account in to the ITS applications.

Presentations came from various fields varying from the design phase to architecture and technology levels and the main discussion was how stakeholders can build consensus on a pan-European approach.

Lina Konstantinopoulou (ERTICO – ITS EUROPE) and Thomas Benz (PTV) made a common presentation on the CVIS project results.

On one hand Mrs Konstantinopoulou underlined the potential non-technical barriers or risks to deployment as studied in the CVIS DEPN project with a focus on the security and privacy issues and put in place recommendations for them for the future. On the other hand Mr Benz discussed how the CVIS application which was selected to be implemented within the PRECIOSA framework will be presented. It will be demonstrated that a seemingly privacy-critical application is best-suited as a candidate to technically achieve privacy. The selection of the COMO application will be described and the technical details will be provided with a special focus on privacy issues.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 04 Oct 2010