Deutsche Telekom has published its latest Data Privacy and Data Security Report. This deals with the increasingly acute security situation facing the digital society. A further focal point is the challenge that data protection law in Europe is up against.

“In our increasingly networked society, people must be able to place their trust in the digital world and its products,” explains Thomas Kremer, Board of Management member responsible for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance. “Considerably more effort is required in this regard.” Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges outlines the action that he considers necessary at European level in this regard in an interview. He calls for fair competitive conditions with uniform data protection regulations. Politicians and experts also have their say, for example, the EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality Věra Jourová, Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maiziére, and Federal Commissioner for Data Protection Andrea Voßhoff. They call for immediate data protection reforms in Europe. The data of EU citizens must be protected by uniform European data protection law, regardless of whether a company comes from America, Asia or Europe. This is the only way to strengthen consumer confidence and create equal competitive opportunities.

With its report, Deutsche Telekom is also living up to its responsibility to provide transparency. The report describes how the company equips itself to tackle virtual attacks and what it does to protect customers. “Threats in cyberspace continue to increase,” explains Thomas Kremer. “Deutsche Telekom’s early-warning system alone registers up to a million cyber attacks a day.” In response, Deutsche Telekom strengthened its Cyber Emergency Response Team last year and also implemented numerous measures both in Germany and internationally aimed at improving data protection.

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