Budapesti Szabadkikötő Logistikai Zrt. (BSZL) manages and operates the Freeport of Budapest, providing a comprehensive array of port services across an expansive 108-hectare area. This area comprises three operating basins, encompassing a total of 18 berths strategically designed to ensure efficient maritime operations. The Freeport of Budapest boasts a covered storage space spanning an impressive 157,000 square meters within its premises. This ample storage capacity enhances its capability to handle diverse types of cargo and goods. The ideal location and exceptional infrastructure make the Freeport of Budapest a prime hub for testing and demonstrating cutting-edge innovations and initiatives.

In the PLOTO project, BSZL is one of the Hungarian partners — along with the Hungarian State Railway Company (MÁV), the National Association of Radio Distress-Signalling and Info Communications (RSOE) and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Transportation Technology and Economics (BME) — who are working to increase the resilience of ports’ infrastructures to natural hazards, including extreme heat, floods and precipitation intensity.

The PLOTO project’s objectives align with BSZL’s priorities and developmental strategies for the inland port of Budapest. At the core of their strategy lies a commitment to ensuring the port’s steady and environmentally sustainable growth, embracing the latest technological advancements. An outstanding advantage of this alignment is the ready availability of essential materials for the construction of their development area. This synergy between the two endeavours significantly contributes to the overall progress and success of both the PLOTO project and the continued advancement of the Budapest inland port.

Within this project, the company assumes the role of an end user, actively engaging in collaborative efforts with stakeholders to aid other participants in understanding the environment and its inherent risks. Their contributions extend to providing essential data, facilitating testing, and offering support for the development of diverse projects. Through their proactive involvement, the company plays an essential part in fostering a comprehensive and informed approach, ultimately driving the project towards successful outcomes.

Amidst the latest developments, the port is currently experiencing significant infrastructural advancements. This ambitious undertaking encompasses the enhancement of roads, public utilities, the railway network, and the crucial maintenance of the port basin wall, among other essential inland port facilities. Soon, BSZL has set its sights on testing and implementing the technologies developed by PLOTO partners. Leveraging their expertise and vast resources, BSZL aims to drive progress and usher in a new era of innovation at the port. This collaborative effort promises to unlock potential and further solidify the port’s position as a frontrunner in modern, sustainable, and technologically advanced port operations.

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