This year’s ITS European Congress in Toulouse focuses on how innovative ITS solutions can help overcome the numerous challenges that modern cities  face such as climate change, economic growth and urban development under the theme ‘Smart and Sustainable Mobility for all’. The ITS Policy Summit of the ITS Congress is the key platform where policy makers and industry can come together to discuss these solutions.

As a part of the 2022 Congress the prestigious ITS Summit will take place at the Toulouse Exhibition and Conference Centre MEETT on Monday 30 May 2022.  The Summit will gather Mayors, senior National and Local Government policy makers and ITS Industry leaders to review how smart mobility can contribute to sustainable development and for a better environment for all citizens.  Previous Summits have been valuable opportunities for policy makers and thought leaders in both the public and private sector to discuss experiences and strategies related to the application of transport technology and then to review together how best to enhance people’s daily lives through sustainable, smart and seamless mobility solutions.

The theme of the Summit this year is aspects of Mobility Data.  Delegates will contribute to moderated discussions at five ’round tables’ addressing:

  • Data ownership; protection; privacy
  • Access to data (markets)
  • Inclusion and digital divide
  • Mobility data sharing across public and private sectors
  • Interoperability

The ITS Summit is about discussion. There are no set speeches or presentations just discussions between the delegates about the key issues, possible solutions to problems, need for research and new knowledge. A real platform for innovation and change.