As of January 2016, the Netherlands will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for a 6 month period.

In the field of Transport, Telecommunications and Energy, the Netherlands has already expressed its intention to promote EU transport policy aims, namely, stimulate economic growth, create jobs and strengthen EU’s competitiveness in the global market. With this in mind, it will work on the promotion of better legislation and the subsequent reduction of administrative burdens for all modes.

According to the Dutch, high quality European infrastructure requires more investment support through  TEN-T. The urban dimension and  its impact on transport and environment policy will be  discussed in the combined  Informal Joint Environment  and Transport Council on  14-15 April.

The transport agenda will be strongly intertwined with the environmental goals. Thus, the Netherlands will work within the EU to support the decarbonisation of transport, the roll-out of Intelligent Transport Systems, self-driving cars and the use of sustainable fuels. An informal Environment and Transport Council will be organised.

Connecting these areas to heavy-duty vehicles, the Presidency will also discuss truck platooning. It will organise a European  Truck Platooning Challenge, which has already received the backing of the industry.