If you are in Helsinki for the ITS European Congress this month, the ecoDriver project ( invites you to a two-hour session on 16 June (note the new timings: 10:00 to 12:00).

This is just prior to the iMobility Challenge event (at 12:00) and in advance of the ITS Congress Opening Ceremony (at 15:00) in Helsinki.

Come and debate:

1. Is there a role for green driving support systems as one mechanism for energy savings?
2. How much can they contribute?
3. Would you buy a system if it added €200 to the price of your next car or would you prefer to purchase a less effective smartphone app that cost €5?
4. Will more fuel-efficient vehicles eliminate the need for such technologies?
5. Do we need an equivalent to Euro NCAP for such systems – an “Energy Saving Assessment Programme (ESAP)” – in order to promote them to consumers?

Further information and free registration here: