In current policies and research frameworks of the EU, considerable emphasis is placed upon the environmental impacts of road transport and the promotion of measures which can help to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gases emissions including their impact assessment. In this context, European partners of the EC Coordination Action ECOSTAND, together with experts from the ITS Energy project in Japan and the AERIS programme in the US, have produced guidelines in a Joint Technical Report on a common assessment methodology for determining the impacts of ITS on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Among its other tasks, ECOSTAND will also produce a “roadmap” and a joint research agenda identifying gaps in the development of such methodology. The aim of this Roadmap is to guide progress towards an internationally accepted Methodology for assessing the impact of ITS applications on the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions of road vehicles. It includes actions to conclude the development of the Methodology and supporting tools, to favour the widespread use of the Methodology and also to ensure that it is continuously maintained and upgraded in the future. The roadmap also includes recommended next steps to keep the Methodology alive or to sustain the international cooperation network built up in the project.

The webinar presented the feedback received so far on the proposed roadmap and research agenda.

The recording of the webinar will be available soon.

Download the draft version of the ECOSTAND deliverable “Roadmap and Future Research Agenda”.