Egis Road Operation has confirmed its position as the leading European independent road operator and service provider thanks to its recent acquisitions and awarded projects in various countries (France Ireland India and Australia). Egis Road Operation has acquired a majority interest (67%) in 3 Irish toll motorway operation companies:

  • NorthLink (operator of the M1 Dundalk Bypass – 56 km long)
  • MidLink (operator of the M7 / M8 Portlaoise – 43 km long)
  • SouthLink (operator of the N25 Waterford Bypass – 23 km long).

Egis Road Operation has also recently been awarded 3 motorway operation contracts:

  • the A63 motorway in France a 105 km long toll motorway
  • the Brisbane Northern Link in Australia a 7 km long urban expressway with 2 major tunnels
  • the Delhi-Gurgaon highway in India a 27 km long toll highway.


With these acquisitions and successes Egis Road Operation now has 27 motorways under contract in 15 different countries totalling 1840 km. This makes Egis the largest independent road operator with a highly diversified experience in terms of type of infrastructures (urban interurban tunnels viaducts…) type of tolling systems (electronic freeflow automatic manual) contractual framework (real toll shadow toll availability payment DBOM service contract) and local environment Egis Road Operation operates these stretches of infrastructure with a total staff in excess of 5250 including a large number of experts in the various fields of road operation and maintenance. Thanks to its know-how and resources Egis Road Operation is capable of offering the highest operating standards for any type of infrastructure worldwide.

In Ireland Egis Road Operation has bought from National Toll Roads Limited (NTRL) a subsidiary of NTR the international renewable energy group 67% stakes in three Irish toll motorway operating companies and a 100% stake in “central services platform” (First Route). This platform provides technical and management services to the three operating companies as well as to a concession company Eastlink. The portfolio includes NTRL’s shareholding in North-Link (Dundalk) South-Link (Waterford) and Mid-Link (Portlaoise).

Rik Joosten Chief Executive Officer of Egis Road Operation commented: “This transaction consolidates Egis’ position as the leading European independent road operator and service provider. By adding the NTRL’s operation and maintenance division to its already significant presence in Ireland Egis is now able to deliver a comprehensive and competitive service to the Irish road users.” This acquisition is an addition to the significant activities of Egis in Ireland already had. Egis is a shareholder of Easytrip which supplies electronic tags for toll road schemes and car parks in Ireland and has a 100% stake in the company that operates the Dublin Port Tunnel toll road. It also operates the Information Exchange Agent a clearing house for all Irish toll road schemes and is the co-leader of Go Safe the consortium that operates a network of speed cameras in the Irish Republic.

In September 2010 the Brisbane City Council Australia awarded Egis Road Operation the contract for designing building operating and maintaining the Northern Link tunnel project in Brisbane (Queensland Australia) to the Transcity consortium comprising Acciona Infraestructuras S.A. of Spain BMD Constructions Pty Ltd. of Australia and Ghella S.p.A.of Italy. Egis Road Operation (via its local subsidiary Transroute Australia) is Transcity nominated subcontractor for the complete operation and maintenance of the Northernlink. The Brisbane Northern Link Project is an approximately 7 km long urban expressway including two tunnels (one in each direction respectively 4.6 km and 4.9 km long) connecting the Western Freeway with the Inner City Bypass. The road and tunnel operations will start following the completion of the 47 month construction period beginning in December 2010. The total duration of the operating and maintenance period is 10 years.

Over the last 15 years Egis Road Operation has gained unrivalled expertise as international motorway and tunnel operator. Currently the company has 1840 km of motorways under contract in Europe India the Philippines and Australia. Recent successes and acquisitions enable Egis to strengthen its global leadership in the field of motorway operation and maintenance worldwide.

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Press contacts:

Egis Road Operation Communication Officer: Sandrine Felappi

Egis Communication Director: Isabelle Bourguet


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Original Publication Date: Thu 10 Mar 2011