Ericsson, Telstra and Ciena were the winners of the “Fixed Network Innovation” category at the awards event in London. This category focused on ground-breaking technical achievements and projects which have pushed the boundaries of fixed network efficiency and functionality.

As the industry moves toward a more open networking environment, successful partnerships and collaboration within an ecosystem of specialists are critical for innovation. The partnership between Telstra, Ciena and Ericsson has delivered a groundbreaking milestone with a low latency, high capacity non-regenerated optical transmission between Melbourne, Sydney and Perth – a round trip distance of 10,358 km. This success was recognized with a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ in May this year.

This solution has enabled Telstra to launch new services over its low latency 100Gbps optical link between Sydney and Perth (two key entry and exit points of international traffic to and from Australia). An extension from Sydney to Melbourne ready for 200Gbps services can enable Telstra to quickly and efficiently increase capacity to support the growth of customer bandwidth demand, when required

By carrying 100Gbps without optical regeneration, Telstra can significantly improve the delivery and reliability of data transfers over the new link. Moreover, the critical trans-Australian route from Sydney to Perth has now the lowest latency – below 20 milliseconds, which is 25 percent lower than the current route’s. This new connection is highly scalable and can easily handle fast-changing bandwidth demands, common among low latency services.

Breakthroughs like this are critical since today, millisecond improvements in network speed and latency can be what it takes to get the edge over the competition.

Original source: Ericsson