Last week, the ERTICO Academy held its first training session of a series on EU-funded project management. The inaugural training, conducted by Dr Eusebiu Catana, was on the topic of the financial reporting phase of EU-funded projects.

The ERTICO Academy training program offers an exceptional opportunity to learn about a variety of subjects related to mobility and European projects, directly from experienced ERTICO’s project managers. Dr Eusebiu Catana, Senior Manager at ERTICO and Project Coordinator of the FENIX and 5G-LOGINNOV projects, launched the new series of training sessions, sharing his expertise on the financial reporting procedures and techniques for EU-funded projects. Dr Catana has extensive knowledge of European projects, particularly those related to 5G networks and freight and logistics, which is also affirmed by his leading role in several project consortia as Coordinator.

The first training session: Financial reporting procedures and techniques for EU-funded projects

The first training session was on Friday 10 March offered as an example the specific case of the FENIX project and its financial reporting activity. The training emphasised the importance of good coordination of the financial phase of European-funded projects, not limited to the FENIX consortium. The relevance of such an exercise for project participants from the whole European Union was underlined by the fact that 86 participants, a number of them from the network of ERTICO’s partners, took part in the training.

The FENIX project, which is aimed at developing a federated architecture for data sharing in the logistics sector for a better-functioning European single market, a coordinated logistics system and increased interoperability, will conclude at the end of March. Dr Catana shared with participants some details on the technical aspects of the project, which recently held its final public event, and explained recommended procedures and proposed some guidelines for the reporting phase in order to close the administrative tasks according to European Commission requirements.

The value of the training was also in highlighting the link between coordination and timing with the success of even the largest consortia and the most complex projects.

The first training of a series: stay tuned for the next chapter

A similar type of training will be offered in December 2023, building upon the case study of the FENIX project. The session will involve target groups that are interested in knowing more about the guidelines and the procedures of financial reporting while understanding more efficient techniques to deal with all the information required in the process during the project lifecycle.

The ERTICO Academy is delighted to offer its members the opportunity of following such interesting trainings, which, leveraging ERTICO’s extended network of partners, contribute to expanding and improving the knowledge base on ITS and to shaping the mobility of tomorrow.

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