ERTICO Academy will conduct two training sessions during the SUMMITS’22 Conference in Ankara, Turkey: Traffic Management and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Connected and Cooperative Automated Mobility (CCAM). The sessions, both two hours long, will be led by Ms Itir Coskun, Innovation Engineer at SWARCO, and Dr Johanna Tzanidaki, Director of Innovation & Deployment at ERTICO, on Tuesday 8 March.

The ERTICO Academy is a unique training platform that offers Public Authorities and their teams personalised and interactive training in smart mobility on a wide range of topics. By facilitating knowledge sharing and lessons learned, ERTICO Academy enables participants to upskill with the training provided by experienced mobility experts.

With increasing interest in ITS technologies and the growing demand for swift deployment of smart mobility solutions in Turkey, the training aims to guide key ITS development issues in the country. Both sessions will establish priorities and actions towards achieving objectives in the respective field and further highlight the lessons learned from advanced European countries and practical guidelines on how previous projects could be adapted to the Turkish context.

The training sessions are open to members of ITS Turkey. Those in attendance will include stakeholders from the private sector and representatives from municipalities. A brief description of the topics is provided below:

Traffic Management and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) 

Traffic management is the backbone of mobility in any city or country. Latest traffic management schemes take into account information from all road users, such as vehicles, bicycles and more. Furthermore, positive incentives are provided to nudge travellers to take a specific action before entering the road or while on route. Best practices from cities, such as Rome or Antwerp, will be presented, and the work from EU projects developing cutting-edge traffic management services, such as the SOCRATES2.0 project. The training will also give the developments of the TM 2.0 concept and its principles of co-opetition and trust among public and private stakeholders. 

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is widely seen as a new type of user-centric service to plan, book, and pay for multiple mobility services. The ultimate goal is to provide users with a viable alternative to car ownership. It is expected that public authorities will be able to benefit from increased use of public transport, increased use of active modes of transportation (walking/cycling) and lowered traffic congestions. However, how should public authorities prepare the ground for MaaS services in their cities/countries? Best practices from MaaS implementation from different cities and regions will be presented and discussed, as well as recommendations for how MaaS should be introduced.

Connected and Cooperative Automated Mobility (CCAM) 

Increased connectivity between vehicles and road infrastructure brings new opportunities for safer, smoother and better managed traffic on roads. At the same time, higher levels of vehicle automation are being considered worldwide. Best practices and guidelines on how road authorities should prepare their policies, regulations and roads for CCAM will be presented and discussed at the training. To understand CCAM in more practical terms, the Compass4D, C-Mobile, SHOW and 5G-MOBIX projects will be presented as case studies. 

SUMMITS’22 shares innovative ideas and lessons learned

The SUMMITS’22 Program also offers unique opportunities for delegates to learn more about the latest ITS technologies and new mobility concepts. ERTICO CEO, Mr Joost Vantomme and ERTICO Chairment Dr Angelos Amditis are pleased to have been invited by the Minister of Transport & Infrastructure and the President of ITS Turkey.

On Wednesday, 9 March, Dr Amditis will present the increased relevance of smart transportation during the opening ceremony. He will also illustrate the current mobility challenges and build on ERTICO’s dedicated collaboration with ITS Turkey. During the first policy session covering ITS Policies, Mr Vantomme will discuss the European policies and present lessons learned while reflecting on concrete examples and presenting ideas moving forward towards sustainable mobility. 

Discussing mobility challenges with ITS Nationals and ERTICO Partnership

ITS Turkey is part of the broader scope of the ITS Nationals network, and they are an important member of the ERTICO’s Partnership. ERTICO is pleased to have the unique opportunity to contribute with expertise and knowledge sharing through the training session, thanks to SWARCO, a key Partner of ERTICO.

Last but not least, ENSEMBLE, one of ERTICO’s flagship projects, will also be present at the SUMMITS’22 Conference in Ankara, Turkey. Read more here.