The ITS World Congress in Hamburg covers six topics that have been carefully chosen to give participants the opportunity to Experience Future Mobility Now. One of the Congress topics covers ERTICO’s first focus area on Connected & Automated Driving (CAD). While at the forefront of research and development, ERTICO is involved and often leads multiple efforts to develop driverless technology. Through the Innovation Platforms and projects run under this focus area, ERTICO will present the achievements and work of the project milestones during the ITS World Congress in Hamburg from 11 to 15 October.

During the ITS World Congress, ERTICO is organising several special interest sessions (SIS) and workshops with technical paper (TP) presentations within the Congress topic on CAD, covering the improvements of artificial intelligence, sensors, data processing, communications, mapping and location technologies which have catalysed the development of highly automated and highly connected vehicles.

On Wednesday 13 Octoberthe 5G Workshop: Connecting to Future Mobility will use a two-step approach with presentations and interaction with the audience – through a panel discussion and online surveying – to link future mobility to connectivity solutions. The first step focuses on Green Mobility and Vision Zero that are driving change and innovation in mobility, while the second step explores some of the use cases built around advances in communication technology, such as 5G, where the link to future mobility is being made. 

The 5GMETA H2020 project will discuss CCAM and the next-generation traffic management and emerging 5G networks for city ports to handle upcoming and future capacity, traffic, efficiency and environmental challenges. The session is called SIS 96 CAD, Safe Platooning and 5G Eco-Systems for verticals and will be joined by another ERTICO project, 5GLOGINNOVon Wednesday 13 October.

The CONCORDA project will also have a technical session with the 5G MOBIX project, discussing the approaches of CCAM and the cloud-based HD maps during the TP 4 Session. Bringing the bits together: what else is needed? on Tuesday 12 October.

On Tuesday 12 October, mutual recognition for platooning tests in open roads, based on the ENSEMBLE project, will be presented during the TP 13 Collective learning: joint lessons from trials.

The TN-ITS GO project will provide an insight on how TN-ITS is a regulatory data fundament for today’s and future mobility use cases in the session TN-ITS GOes Urban on Monday 11 October. The event will also feature a workshop to discover how TN-ITS data and sharing mechanisms can help cities realise several city mobility use cases, including MaaS & LaaS, ISA and Automation.

The ICT4CART Final Event will take place on Friday 15 October, to address the real-world assessment and benefits of the project, unveiling exploitation and business opportunities, and a strategic agenda and initiative for the future of ICT Infrastructure in Connected and Automated Road Transport. The event is open to all Congress attendees.

Learn more about ERTICO’s different projects at the ITS World Congress: Programme at a Glance.