ERTICO participated in the Digital Assembly  “Putting the Digital Single Market at the heart of Europe”, held in Bratislava 28 and 29 September 2016. The Digital Assembly covered topics ranging from digitalising industry to e-commerce and platforms, from GIGABIT to connected cars, from access to content to Internet of Things and ePrivacy. Discussion also included roaming.

Hermann Meyer, CEO of ERTICO, explained the importance of a coherent approach on the deployment of connected and automated driving in Europe. He welcomed the Round Table of Commissioner Oettinger on this topic which brings the relevant stakeholders together to agree on the first use cases and well synchronised deployment roadmaps. He also especially mentioned the importance of ensuring adherence to European security levels and data protection rules.

Hermann Meyer was also a panellist in the  workshop “Connected and Automated Driving” emphasising the need for coherent investment path of all relevant stakeholders and common use cases. Other challenges, Mr Meyer mentioned, refer to standardisation, security, business models and policy framework. ERTICO’s François Fischer, panellist during the GIGABIT Society workshop, underlined how GIGABIT connections could be an enabler for automotive applications such as Automated Driving, HD maps, and the Physical internet.

For video recordings of this workshops:
Connected and Automated Driving